EXO Sasaengs


As an EXOtic, I am embarrassed to write this. But as an EXOtic I have no choice but to write this. This morning I was woken up to this post on my feed:

(from baekhyun’s hyung’s wedding yesterday, 130928)

baekhyun was extremely mad (notice his whole face to his ears are red) because sasaengs somehow got themselves into the wedding and took pictures and made a mess out of the whole event and supposedly baekhyun said:
“this is my one and only hyung and his one and only wedding, why would you this you crazy humans”
this also could be the reason behind tao’s weibo rant, and the boys all generally had upset expressions at gimpo airport on the way to their ulsan fansign 
(source: nate pann, twitter, naver, trans@ kyungbabe)

I was mad beyond imagination. My fellow fans (If I can even call them that) created a ruckus during a wedding. No, it didn’t have to be any wedding, it had to be Baekhyun’s hyung. I was so embarrassed and still am. How can you even do that to them? Its a wedding that has absolutely NOTHING to do with you sasaengs. Sasaengs are delusional human beings that need desperate medical help. The thing that makes me pissed off the most is that nobody tries to stop. At this point sasaengs are really unstoppable. The companies, and even the government, make up excuses like “Oh they are underage” and all that crap. Well, look at the us. Here, in the states we have juvie. Juvie is a juvenile detention center. Otherwise known as a jail for kids underage. We don’t have any excuses for crimes we have done. If its terrible enough we get put in there. Well who cares if they are underage? They just use that as an excuse to chase around idols and put their lives in danger. Last blog post I wrote, I had complimented Korean fans. Now what do we have here? A post about sasaengs.

The thing that hurts me the most is when people start hating on EXOtics in general. Not all of us are sasaengs. In fact, most of the EXOtics I know are waiting for me to write this. How can a fandom turn onto each other? This is not meant to happen. If you think that you’re a fan, you better act like one. I read some articles online earlier today. Guess what I saw? D.O is scared of his fans. That totally ripped my heart from my chest. Isn’t an idol supposed to love their fans? Well not in this case. Another post I read was about EXO’s depression because of their fans. I don’t know if you have noticed but EXO has changed so, so much since their debut. The happy virus Chanyeol has lost his glow, D.O doesn’t smile as much as he used to, and over all, EXO has lost that luster they used to have. No one is as bright as they used to be. They seem dull and worn out. 

I have considered many many times if I should stop being an EXOtic. There seems to be no more hope, and the stubborn me refuses to believe that there is none. Sasaengs have dug a 50 foot hole and dragged all of us in there. Just when I thought we could climb out, they dig a hole deeper. I hope and wish these sasaengs would open their eyes and experience what a real fan would be like and to feel the sincere love from the idols. Even for just one day, I wish that would happen. This doesn’t simply affect Korean fans, it impacted us international fans all over the globe. People are lashing out like there is no tomorrow. 

What good is there being a sasaeng fan? How are you helping us fans? How are you leading an example to us international fans? Sasaengs are just selfish. They want their idols for themselves, they want them to notice them. That’s selfish. Sasaengs will probably say they aren’t, but according to the dictionary, it is. An idol should feel proud of their fans, and fans should proud of each other. They shouldn’t feel ashamed of each other. EXO shouldn’t feel ashamed to us. If you really love EXO that much you better ask yourself; “Am I making EXO happy right now? Am I making them feel proud?” Do you need a member of EXO to come to you in tears to beg you to stop? I think that the main problem of sasaengs is that they feel powerful. They think they have control on their idols. They talk to them like they are friends and that the idols have started the problems. Oh how I wish someone would go over there and yell some sense into you all.

I don’t think sasaeng issues should be taken lightly anymore. To EXO, its okay if you break your image once in a while, and now is the time. Go up there and scold them. Make them realize how difficult it is for you. Don’t be afraid because we normal fans will support you from the side lines. 

How difficult is it to be a normal fan? Not that hard. All you do is support the group sincerely and that’s about it. You don’t need to attend every show, watch every broadcast and attend every fansign. If you really love them, show it the right way. Treat them with respect, send teddy bears and cute cards telling them to be happy. Cheer as loud as you can, make covers, and so on. You don’t have to be by their side 24/7 to love them. Being a regular fan, you can feel the love stronger then being a sasaeng. It doesn’t have to be expressed in actions or words, you just feel it in your heart. What is the purpose of you sasaeng anyway? I’m really curious.

To all sasaengs,

I sincerely wish you realize that there are more benefits being a normal fan then being a sasaeng. If you decide to become a normal fan, I will become your fan. You are worth a fan. For trying hard and realizing. I will accept you with an open heart. Just know that you can do it.


One thought on “EXO Sasaengs

  1. Ok, I see your post when l see your comment in allkpop just now,
    I agree with your opinion, I’m from Indonesia and I’m one of Exo Fans,
    for once, I’m so shock when know that the sesaeng fans make our Exo become really upset. I know weibo post from Tao in yesterday, but I didn’t know that is because sesaeng fans in Baekhyun’s brother wedding,
    Like you said before, I love Exo, but we must know how to love they in the right way, to sesaeng fans,
    I think you must stop your folkways or we can’t see more love from Exo soon,

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