EXO’s Hittin’ It Big

As everyone knows, 2013 had become EXO’s year. They dominated the Kpop scene and stole the hearts of many. With numerous comebacks, MVs, a concert, and shows, EXO has proven themselves as one of the most popular Kpop group in Korea. EXO has broken the record of selling over 1 million albums in 12 years!
Now, they are being noticed by the world.
Websites like Fuse and Billboard have named EXO one of the rookies to look out for in 2014. As I fan that has been there since the beginning, I can’t to feel so proud of my boys. They worked hard for their debut, took a year preparing for a comeback, dealt with crazy fans, and worked their butts off in 2013. They were nominated for the MTV EMA’s, won 3 daesangs, and received multiple Triple Crown’s. The proudest moment I felt was at the MTV EMA’s. Even though they didn’t win the Worldwide Act, Kpop fans from around the world came together to tweet about EXO. They ended up winning against Beliebers and Directioners with around 32,000 tweets per minute. Maybe it was because I participated in it, but it made me see how strong the Kpop community actually is.
But that’s not the end. Late last year EXO aired their new reality show called “EXO’s Showtime!”. Showtime showed many aspects we never saw from EXO before. It showed how EXO was really like and we got to see how they got along. We got to see how much EXO really liked to eat, how much they played, how much a diva Tao is, and how loud and fun the ‘beagle line’ is.  Also in addition to that, Chanyeol has been in Micronesia chopping trees and lighting fires (Kind of), D.O is close to making his acting debut in the upcoming movie “Cart”, and Suho has participated in being a voice actor in the movie “Saving Santa”. (Plus much more.)
Even my mom fell for them..Their charms and talents are undeniable.
As fans, it’s time to spread the word about EXO! EXO saranghaja!

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