Sasaeng Strikes Again

Oh jeez…the sasaengs strike yet again.
Or saeseng more specifically. One special little snowflake, decided it was time to threaten Korea’s hottest idol group, EXO. She goes by the name Kim Yeoshin. Now, most EXOtics would have already have heard this news, but I just have to get this out. (Like most saeseng happenings.) Kim Yeoshin is a sasaeng known for her over the top acts. She poisoned B.A.P’s Himchan, and attempted to poison Infinite’s L and Dongwoo, and B1A4’s Baro…etc (You get the gist.)  Now rumor has it, she’s planning to kill an idol in 2014. And netizens are saying that she has her eyes set on EXO’s maknae, Sehun.

Now this is really unsettling for me. Like seriously. I’m sitting in my Spanish class while writing this. I can’t help to feel this squirming feeling at the pit of my stomach. I WAS going to write about it later, but here I am now. 

Number 1, Sehun is one of my biases. I am really worried for him. (And EXO in general) Lately, they have been traveling back and forth between countries and it is World War III at the airports. On top of that, this rumor had to surface and I can’t help but to have a thousand thoughts running through my head. According to an article, I’ll link it below, they think she either might be using Sehun as a stepping stone to reach another member, or trying to murder him. Why Sehun of all people? He had been under fire not long ago and now this? I’m really scared for him. He’s still young and he’s already receiving so much pressure. I’m not sure what he will do next. All I wish is for EXO to be healthy and well. It isn’t even that much to ask for.Thing is, the Korean police can’t do anything about this. (Which makes me very mad.) The police cannot press charges against a minor. (Idk if she is or not) She should be arrested or at the very least put on some kind of restraint. She has committed so many acts that can hurt the idols who are people nonetheless. Instead of petitioning for EXO to be exempt from military service, we should petition to stop the sasaengs acts. I believe this all we can do to help our idols.

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